Email from the Chair

Hi ADC50!
Thanks to those of you who attended Thursday’s meeting. It was great to have Boris, from Senator Salazar’s office, discuss end of session legislation and answer questions about rent regulations, NY Health Act, and the new Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. As a follow-up he sent over some information regarding the new rent laws, which are currently in effect (see attached).
Eric Radezky also followed up with some info on voter’s rights:A person previously convicted of a felony’s right to register to vote is restored once they have reached their maximum sentence of imprisonment or have been discharged from parole. Since the registration is cancelled, they have to re-register to vote but there is nothing else that needs to be done to be eligible to register. There are some who believe that a certificate of relief from disabilities or good conduct is needed but that it not the case. He’s also looking into if there’s a Board of Elections law that can purge voters after a certain number of years of not voting.

NEXT UP: Our next meeting will be Monday August 19th (location TBD)Keep an eye on your inbox for an upcoming Rep Your Block recruitment event at the end of July.
Have a happy 4th of July!
~Elana & ExCo Team~

ADC Meeting – June 27, 2019

June 27, 2019 – 6pm

6:15pm – Chair Report – 5 mins 

  1. Campaign for Judicial Delegate & Alternates recap

6:20pm – Intro Guest speaker: Senator Julia Salazar

  1. Legislative update – 10 mins 
  2. Questions & Answers – 20-30 mins

7pm – District Leader Updates- Nick & Linda

7:10pm – Subcommittee reports 

  1. Community Service – William
  2. Rules Committee – Paul

7:25pm – Old business

  1. Approval of minutes from 4/22 & 2/21 meeting
  2. Approval of Rules updates

7:45pm – New business

8:15pm – Breakout visioning sessions

  • Recruitment: Paul
  • Organizing: Elana
  • Neighborhood issues: Michele

Public Affairs & Legislation Update- 4/25/19

From Daeha Ko, member of the Public Affairs & Legislation subcommittee:

Thank you so much for the round of applause during my pitch for the bill A1248/S1763A, the Free and Fair Elections Resolution. I was not expecting this and was admittedly touch by the reception.

Attached are copies of both the Assembly and Senate version. The Assembly bill is currently under going revision in Section 2C lines 23-31 to reflect the Senate’s bill which is up to date regarding US States that have passed the resolution.

Also included is a legal briefing complete with citations for quick references on the legality of Article V limited convention process and the checks and balances system designed to enforce a convention to propose an Amendment limited to one topic, specifically in this case the consequences of Citizen’s United.

Here are the links to the to the Assembly Page and Senate Page with the current list of co-sponsors. Mind you the list is rapidly changing with lawmakers quickly signing on. Recommend reading the memorandum written by Assm Linda Rosenthal of the need for this resolution in the link above.

If you really feel like doing some reading, I have also attached a DOJ report on the Article V process plus a packet we have been handing to NY State Legislators.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach to me anytime anyplace. Thank you for taking this under consideration.

Daeha Ko
AD50 County Committee Member, ED 30
Wolf-PAC NY Legislative Director,

ADC General Meeting – 4/22/19


2) Chair Report – 5 mins

  1. Campaign for Judicial Delegate
  2. Parliamentarian Update

3) Guest speaker:

  1. Assembly Member Joe Lentol
    1. Legislative & Budget Update & Intro – 10 mins
    2. Questions & Answers – 20-30 mins
      1. Benefits & Challenges of an all Dem Legislature?
      2. Loft Law
      3. Campaign Finance
      4. Census – how can ADC support?

4) District Leader Updates- Nick Rizzo

5) Subcommittee Reports

  1. Public Affairs and Legislation- Sam
  2. Community Service- Victoria
    1. Census – Community Training
  3. Inter-group Relations, Public Meetings & Public Relations- Nick
  4. Rules Committee Update- Jessica & Paul

**Minutes for both the February and this April meeting will be uploaded after being approved at the June General Meeting.

ADC General Meeting – 2/21/19

ADC50 Agenda

February 21, 2019 – 7pm

1) Roll call

2) Approval of minutes from 1/28 meeting

3) Chair Report – Elana Ehrenberg

4) Unfinished Business

Elections for:

  1. Parliamentarian
  2. Sergeant at Arms

5) Guest speakers (as of now):

  1. Matthew Chachere: Staff Attorney at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
  2. Surrogate Judge Margarita Lopez Torres
  3. Civil Court Judge Derefim Neckles

6) Judicial Delegates

  1. Nominate delegates and alternates
  2. Discuss judge endorsements

7) Public Advocate GOTV

8) Subcommittee Break Out Groups

  1. Rules and Resolutions
  2. Public Affairs and Legislation
  3. Community Service
  4. Inter-group Relations
  5. Public Meetings
  6. Public Relations

9) New Business

Minutes will be posted once approved at the next general meeting of the ADC.